Schwartz Proposes Chief Integrity Officer in Harrisburg

Supports outright gift ban, comprehensive campaign finance reform


Philadelphia, PA At the College Democrats debate at Temple University, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, Democratic candidate for governor, released a comprehensive ethics reform plan.

Her plan calls for creating a Chief Integrity Officer to promote and enforce state ethics rules, an outright ban on gifts to public officials, and limits on campaign donations.

Schwartz said, “Harrisburg has violated the public trust. We have to stop the old boys club who look out for each other instead of the people they are in office to serve – the citizens of Pennsylvania.”

“It’s time for proven leadership on ethics reform, including a commitment to ensuring that serious reforms actually reach the Governor’s desk and are accompanied by tough enforcement.”

Schwartz’s comprehensive approach to government reform includes stronger enforcement, a complete gift ban, and campaign contribution limits.

As governor, Schwartz will:

Establish the position of Chief Integrity Officer. In her first month of office, Schwartz will issue an Executive Order to appoint a cabinet-level official whose sole job is to promote ethics and integrity in state government.

Enact and enforce an outright gift ban. Schwartz will enforce a complete prohibition on gifts for executive branch employees, and task the Chief Integrity Officer with strictly monitoring compliance with the Governor’s Code of Conduct. She will work with the General Assembly to enact a statewide gift ban for all state employees – including members of the Legislature.

Enact campaign contribution limits. Pennsylvania is one of only a handful of states that permit essentially unlimited campaign contributions; this is unacceptable.  Schwartz will work to enact campaign contribution limits for Pennsylvania that are modeled on federal campaign finance laws, including individual contribution limits, committee contribution limits, stronger disclosure requirements, and improved transparency with mandatory electronic filing requirements.

To read Schwartz’s entire plan for reform and integrity in government, click here.